Registration for Sunday Service

Here are some important notes about registration for our first Sunday back on September 20, 2020.

  1. Registration will start at 12pm on Monday, Sept 14
  2. You can register online -> Click Here
  3. Or by calling the main office (Monday – Thursday // 9am-12pm)
  4. Registration will close Thursday at 2pm or when it is full. So please register as soon as it becomes available.
  5. We encourage as much as you can to sign up to sit with your double bubble and this needs to be communicated in the registration process. You won’t be sitting with anyone you haven’t signed up to sit with.

The morning of the service you’ve signed up to attend, don’t forget that you need to do a COVID self assessment test before coming to church. Please stay home if you have any of the symptoms mentioned.

Restrictions to Follow

There are a number of restrictions you need to know that will be followed during in-person gathering. Let’s be mature about the details and be thankful we are gathering in some fashion.

We will still go LIVE each Sunday morning at 10:30am for those unable to return at this time for various reasons. LIVE stream will be on our Facebook page.

As it is our first time back in 6 months and we have new procedures, reminder this is a work in progress – it may take a couple Sundays to massage out any hiccups.

  1. Doors open 10:10am no exceptions. Unfortunately only those who registered can attend. Service starting 10:30am.
  2. Mask wearing is mandatory while entering, moving within and exiting the building. You can remove your mask once you are seated.
  3. Everyone must use hand sanitizer – they are clearly marked as you enter.
  4. The building is marked for one way traffic flow, please follow the signs.
  5. When you enter the building a usher will ask your name and confirm your bubble amount that you signed up. After you sanitize another usher will direct you to your assigned seat; assigned by section and letter. Example: Right A-H, Centre A-J or Left A-I. The seating bubbles will be labeled for easy seating.
  6. Everyone will be assigned to a seating area. You will likely not be the same seat you’ve always sat in pre-COVID; this is unavoidable as this is how it will work to fit everyone in. Reminder if there is another bubble you want to sit, with to make it known in the registration process.
  7. Downstairs is closed for now. If you need the washroom, the single-use  wheelchair accessible washroom upstairs is open. If you need to use the facilities, follow the arrows and return following the directions. Ushers will be there to assist.
  8. Pastor Jeremy will make a video for instructions of entering and exiting the building. Please take a moment to view it.
  9. We are permitted to sing;  if you choose to sign you can only do it while wearing a mask. Please be respectful of this regulation. You are encouraged to worship, sit/stand, etc but remain in your bubble.
  10. Offering will be collected while entering the building, there will be a drop off designated by the sanctuary door. We are not permitted to pass around the offering plate so be prepared on entry.
  11. There will be no paper bulletins.
  12. Children’s church/Sunday school and use of the nursery is not permitted at this point in time. Parents are reminded of their responsibility to ensure physical distancing of their children from others congregants. Children are welcome to attend if parents are comfortable bringing children while adhering to the guidelines.

If there is anything else or any changes, we will be sure to communicate this to you.

As mentioned earlier, we are going to be mature Christians about this, representing the character of Christ and the fruit of the spirit. We are fully aware this will not be exactly what we are use to – but we are trying it out to make the best of the situation. I remind you again God is in control, He’s still on the throne and He knows just what we need.