A Brief History of Westside Tabernacle
(formerly Pentecostal Tabernacle)


Pentecost was still new in Humbermouth when a vision was born for an evangelistic effort in Corner Brook West. The first Pentecostal Church (Mission) in Corner Brook West was built in 1926. Two stal­wart pioneers of the faith, Brothers Charles March and Herbert Eddy held the first services.


During this time, open-air services were conducted on Sunday afternoons on a place called “The Green”, on Caribou Road. There was a great hunger for spiritual reality. Many believers from Corner Brook East (now First Pentecostal Church) joined with the West in their common effort to plant the “full gospel” in this part of the province.


Corner Brook was a developing city at this time. Municipal services were primitive and the roads were extremely muddy. Wading through mud or struggling through snow did not daunt anyone. These people had found the desire of their hearts and they were excited to meet together. The fledgling Tabernacle grew as people were born again and filled with the Holy Spirit!


The first services of the congregation which later formed the Tabernacle were conducted during 1926 by Brothers March and Eddy, and young people from both Corner Brook (West) and Humbermouth (East). Other pioneers followed in their footsteps creating an environment under which the assembly prospered. Here, in abbreviated form, is the pastoral leadership of the assembly to the present and the various church locations:


The first church building was erected in Corner Brook West on upper Caribou Road in 1926. This building was built by Mr. Charles Lavender, a man known as “the Lord’s carpenter.”



Charles L. March and Herbert Eddy

1926 – 1927

Gwen White

1927 – 1929

Clarice Murrin and Winnie Taylor

1929 – 1930

Wilfred Ball

1930 – 1931

The second building was erected in 1931 on lower Caribou Road. 
The carpenter on the construction was Newton James.



Wilfred and Evelyn Ball

1931 – 1932

William and Matilda Gillett

1932 – 1933

Thomas and Florence Evans

1933 – 1934

Philip and Sadie Butt

1934 – 1937

Hazel Porter and Elsie Simms

1937 – 1938

Hazel Porter and Kathryn Rideout

1938 – 1939

Leonard and Hazel Roberts

1939 – 1941

A. Chesley and Elsie Snow

1941 – 1942

Wilfred and Olive Ball

1942 – 1945

Evelyn and Muriel Forsey

1945 – 1946

Clarice Murrin 

1946 – 1947

Maud Evans and Myrtle Sheppard

1947 – 1950

Maud Evans and Hannah Strong

1950 – 1952

George and Joyce Ash

1952 – 1953

The third building was erected on Wellington Street in 1953 and served the congregation until 1988.  The construction was done by members of the congregation and mainly by free labor.  Some who worked on the building included Andrew, Frank and Ronald Palmer; Newton James and many others.  In 1973-74 the building was extended and renovated.



George and Joyce Ash

1953 – 1963

Wallace and Jessie Belbin

1963 – 1967

Wilson and Bessie Etsell

1967 – 1972

George and Laura Dawe

1972 – 1978

Wallace and Elizabeth Bursey

1978 – 1985

Don and Carol-Ann Noble (Youth Pastor)

1982 – 1984

Edwin and Sandra White

1985 – 1990

Barry and Bonnie Pelley (Youth Pastor)

1984 – 1986

The fourth building and Present Tabernacle was erected on Elizabeth Street in 1987 - 88 and was opened for worship on April 30, 1988.



Edwin and Sandra White

1990 – 1995

Paul and Pam Hayes (Youth Pastor)    

1991 – 1992

Baine and Wavey Andrews (Youth Pastor)

1992 – 1999

Baine and Wavey Andrews (Interim)

1995 – 1996

Robert and Greta Mills

1996 – 1999

Calvin & Muriel Andrews

1999 – 2012

Robert and Sherri-Lynn Coles (Youth)

1998 – 2001

Oral and Deanna Small (Assistant)

2000 – 2002

Sterling and Verna Warr (Pastoral Care)

2002 – 2004

Dean and Kelly Brenton (Youth/Worship)

2002 – 2004

Darren & Elizabeth Sacrey (Assistant)

2004 – 2014

Kent and Joclyn Sceviour (Youth)

2004 – 2013

Terry & Judy Grimes (Lead) 2012 – Present
Jeremy and Jenny Simms (Youth) 2013 – Present
Jamie & Anastasia Rowsell (Assistant)       2014 – Present

Through the decades of its history and through all of the changes it has seen The Pentecostal Tabernacle continues to reach out with the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Its founders would rejoice to know that the ministry they envisioned and labored to produce, is ongoing.

In February of 2007, the Pentecostal Tabernacle made an official change to its name. It choose the title Westside Tabernacle - a name which had previously been used to identify the location of the church within the city.


Westside Tabernacle is Affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Newfoundland and Labrador